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Soya-bean milk refractometer
Model: RHM-25ATC
Detailed Product Description

Soya bean milk refractometer

A refractometer is an instrument that can measure the concentration of aqueous solution by measuring it's refractive index.All water based solution can make lightbend.The bending of light increases at a rate proportional to the increasing solution concentration. The hand-held refractometer is a precise optical instrument.It is characterized by small volume,light weight,graceful shape and easy to operate.Therefore it can be used by all sides.

Refractometer for Milk and soya-bean milk, can measure the concentration of dissolubile Soybean milk quickly and accurately

      Soya Bean Milk Refractometer
Model MeasurementRange Min. Div. Accuracy Marke
RHM-25TC 0-32%Brix
0-25%Bean juice
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