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Detailed Product Description


For measuring the absolute salinity of Natural Sea Water(NSW)


Almost all hand held salt water refractometers available to the hobby are designed and calibrated for the testing of brine solutions, i.e. sodium chloride, and are not calibrated for the refractive index of natural sea water.


This is a very important distinction. 

The Reef Sea Meter is designed to measure Salinity of Natural Sea Water taking into account the other elements that comprise salinity in the marine water sampled. Even though the largest percentage of salt in the sea is sodium chloride, the presence of other significant ions such as magnesium and calcium in natural sea water results in a different refractive index relative to that of brine. A standard salt (brine)refractometer will therefore not give the correct salinity for Natural Sea Waterand a conversion factor must be applied. 



One of the other problems with most refractometers is that the scale displayed normally reads from 0-100ppt when we are really only interested in the region from 30-40ppt.


Our NEW SEAWATER REFRACTOMETER has therefore been specifically designed to read from 0-40ppt which gives you 2.5 times the resolution of a normal 0-100 scale.



0-40 ppt of Salinity in NSW –

1.000 to 1.030 Specific Gravity
Minimum Division: 1.00 PPT - 0.001 SG 
Accuracy: +/-1.00 PPT - +/- 0.001 SG



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