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Detailed Product Description

The MTU-1101 is a digital manometer, used for measuring pressure. Get accurate measurements every single time. Select from up to 11 different measuring units to get what you need. This unit can measure both gauge and differential pressure. It has a dual lcd with backlight, so it works great even in poor lighting conditions.  A soft carrying pouch and flexible tubing are included. A 9 v battery is included.



It features 11 selectable units of measure: in H2O, pis, bar,mbar,Kpa,inHg,mmHg,ozin2,ftH2O,kgcm,

additional features include data hold and auto power off disabled,careful use of this meter will provide years of reliable service.

1.Pressure Range:±5psi
2.Accuracy:±0.3% FSO (at 25oC)
3.Repeatability:±0.2% (Max±0.5%FSO)
4.Linearity/Hysteresis:±0.29% FSO
5.Response Time:0.5sec
6.Over  Range Indicator:Hi
7.Under Range Indicator:Lo
8.Operating Conditions:0 to 50oC(32 to 122oF)
9.Storage Conditions:-10 to 60oC (14 to 140oF)
10.Power supply:9V battery
11.Dimension165 X 80 X 45mm
11.Weight:220g(battery included)

1.11 selectable units of Measurement
2.Differential pressure measurement
3.Max / minimum / Average reading record function
4.Data hold function
5.Large LCD with backlight
6.Zeroing, offset, and data compensation
7.Low battery alarm
8.Auto power off settup function
9.Over range indicator
Function Range Resolution Function Range Resolution
kPa 34.47 0.01 inHg 10.18 0.01
Psi 5 0.001 mmHg 258.5 0.1
Kgfcm2 0.351 0.001 InH2O 138.3 0.1
Ozin2 80 0.01 FtH2O 11.53 0.01
Bar 0.344 0.001 cmH2O 351.5 0.1
Mbar 344.7 0.1      
Product description

1.1.Tube Connector (+)
2.1.Tube Connector (-)
3.LCD Display
4.4.HOLD/Backlight button
5.REC Button
6.Power on/off Button
7.DIF Button
8.UNITS Button
9.Battery Cover

LCD display

1.Data Hold Function
2.Differential Pressure Mode
3.Power Symbol
4.MAX/MIN/AVG indicator
5.Low Battery Symbol
6.Pressure Units

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