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Detailed Product Description
3 in1 DIGITAL LIGHT LUX METER AUTO RANGING WITH BACKLIGHT 200000 LUX  Measures Temperature and Humidity with case & Battery  MTU-1601
This Professional Digital Lux Meter is an accurate way to check the light levels. It can also be used to check the level of light in your work or school area meets the specified regulations. A guide is included that shows you the levels required. Its is also ideal for checking the light level for photography. Luminous intensity is measured and reported in footcandles (fc) or in lux if using metric measurement. A light meter is sometimes referred to as a lux meter. One footcandle is equal to the total intensity of light that falls on a one square foot surface that is one foot away from the point source of the light. When measuring in lux, meter is substituted for foot. This Professional Digital Lux Meter has a large LCD Screen so readings can be seen clearly.

Light measure range: 0.1 to 200,000 Lux(Fc switchable)
Accuracy:±4%(0.1 to 10,000Lux);±10% above 10,000Lux
Resolution:1 Lux/0.1FC
Temperature range:-10~50oC(14 to 122oF)
Humidity range:20%~90%RH
Operation temperature:0 to 50oC(32 to 122oF)
Operation humidity:10 to 90%RH
Storage temperature: -10 to 60oC(14 to 140oF)
Storage humidity:10 to 75%RH
Weight:220g(included 9V battery)

1.Light,temperature and humdity measurement
2.Lux and Fc unit switchable
3.Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable
4.Auto range
5.Large LCD with Backlight
6.Data Hold Function
7.Min/Max/Avg Function
8.Detachable Sensor 
9.Low Power Consumption

Product description:

1.Light sensor connector
2.LCD display
3.Temperature units oC/oF switch button
4.Hold and Backlight button
5.Light units Fc/Lux switch button
6.Max/Min/Avg mode button
7.Power on/off button
9.Light sensor

LCD display

1.Hold mode symbol
2.Max/Min/Avg reading display symbol
3.Low battery indicator
4.Power symbol
5.Light units
6.Digital readout
7.Humidity reading
8.Temperature reading
9.Temperature units
Set Includes:
• Meter
• Soft Case
• Manual
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