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Detailed Product Description

Automatic Digital Abbe Refractometer 2WE

Auto digital abbe refractometer:
1.Range:1.3000-1.7000RI 0.0003
2.Concentration: 0-95% 0.5%
3.Built in printer



Automatic Digital Refractometer Abbe is the latest development of our concept of a new condenser Abbe Refractometer automatically, it does not need manual alignment and reading, just to test the liquid droplets in the table, close the lid, click the Test button, all the work automatically, the required data are displayed on the screen, including: the date, temperature, refractive index, concentration, and amended in accordance with the current temperature of the refractive index and concentration, and with built-printers, print test data can be archived.

Automatic Digital Refractometer Abbe eliminated a lot of manual operation and calculation record. Many errors can be avoided and the calculation error, test, record data true and reliable.


Technical parameters

1 Measurement range -refractive index: 1.3000-1.7000            Concentration: 0-95%

2 Measurement precision-refractive index :±0.0003        Concentration: ±0.5%

3 Min. reading-refractive index: 0.0001                 Concentration:0.1%

4 Print method-high-speed thermal  TP211F  Printing density /paper width 58mm   8 points/ mm  384dots/line

5 Power-220V  50Hz      

6 Instrument net weight-3kg

7 Instrument size: 350×210×180mm

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