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Detailed Product Description

Abbe Refractometer

1.Abbe Refractometer
5.connect with a circulating thermostatic bath

connect with a circulating thermostatic bath,
can measure the refractive index in 0C~70C.

Technical Parameters

Model 2WAJ
Refractive Index(nD) Range 1.300~1.700
Refractive Index (nD) Accuracy ±0.0002
Refractive Index (nD) Min.Div. 0.0005
Brix(% )Range (0~95)%
Brix(% )Min.Div. 0.25%
Size 27x18x37cm
Weight(KG) 3.5


It is used to measure refractive index ND and average color dispersion NF-NC of transparent and semi-transparent liquid or solid, also may be matched with constant temperature oven to measure refractive index ND with temperature 0°C-70 and measure sugar percent.
it is an indispensability equipment in common use in factory, teaching and science research related to oil industry, grease industry, pharmacy industry, pain-making industry, food industry, daily-use chemical industry, sugar-refining industry and geological reconnaissance, etc. 

Whole set of instrument
1. Mainframe 1
2. Special-purpose thermometer (with protection cover) 1
3. Standard sample 1
4. Bromized naphthalin 1
5. Screwdriver  1
6. Using instruction 1
7. Conformity certification 

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